How I feel as an INFJ in 2018

In today’s society, we can all feel a little rushed or overwhelmed at times. However, as an INFJ I feel as though I am noticing the bigger picture in our world. It’s sometimes difficult to see beyond our own problems and our very busy lives. But does anyone really stop and wonder about how many people in the world must be living in devastation and tragedy.

I think about the animals that are being harmed and tortured, I think about our planet, the solar system and how many billions of lives that are suffering and I just feel sad that I can’t help each and everyone. I think bout tomorrow’s future and how I can help change it. INJFs’ are the people that probably live their lives similar to Batman. If we could look out the windows of our mansions and see the injustice and crime being done then we, without hesitation would put on a mask and save them all. INFJs’ can be dark and light at the same time. I have fallen into a depression and developed anxiety over the stress and sadness caused by our society.

We learn to hate ourselves at a young age, and look up to role models that are either fake or brainwashed. Somehow, as INFJ, I wish every day I could fix the way we think, and bring us up from how far we have fallen. I feel easily saddened and filled with anxiety over how rushed I feel and how much of a failure I feel like because I can’t look or think how society wants me to, and who even knows what that is anymore.

I recently graduated with Bachelors in communications and it’s impossible for me to find a career with only having little experience. I thought being in college and being an adult would make me feel more complete but somehow as an INFJ and as a human, I feel empty, like I have failed somehow. I think it’s difficult wanting to fix so much and do so much good when we really don’t know how to even start. Anyway these are just thoughts of a 20 something millennial in 2018 living as an INFJ. Just my thoughts…

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