Essence of Beauty

How do you capture the essence of beauty? Is it held within someone’s eyes?Or the mind? How do you describe beauty? I have found that beauty can be captured in moments that make you look twice and blink once.

The moments that make time slow and your heart beat faster. What is considered beautiful? To me, it’s the times we don’t expect. Our greatest obstacles and fears that we overcome.

Beauty is not always in a face or flower. It’s in the things we don’t seek out. How we discover ourselves. How we can create who we are then trash it and start all over again. Mistakes are washed away and memories fade into the vast ocean. We aren’t only human. We exist and live for the moments that feel closest to magic. What are we searching for?

Beauty. Beauty in the skies, the universe, the stars. Because deep down we want to feel incomplete. Because it is human to want more of those little moments. Those beautiful, incomplete moments that make us all beautiful.

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