ASMR for Anxiety

I remember when I had sort of been on a downswing from a bad few months of severe anxiety and depression and I was doing a lot of research on how my symptoms related to others. I had Googled, read articles, and YouTubed until I had finally began to accept my symptoms as anxiety. But, it was then that my YouTube feed happen to have a thumbnail of this girl about to talk into a microphone and the title read 10 triggers to help you sleep.

Well, I was intrigued and was basically willing to try anything since the anxiety made me feel like I was being smothered at night and I was having a horrible time sleeping. I clicked it and within about a minute I was hooked. She was whispering and tapping on different objects and I felt almost that same feeling as when someone plays with your hair. I had felt something that I hadn’t felt in months…calm. I felt like someone was actually being my friend, someone cared, someone was trying to help me through this.

I remember that day I think I spent about two hours just clicking on different ASMRtists and I was and still am completely hooked. Now if you have heard of ASMR and you haven’t tried it out but you struggle with anxiety, depression, or stress it can definitely help improve your mood and relax you as it did for me. And if this is the first time your hearing about ASMR, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is basically a tingling sensation you can get through your head and body and it can help improve your mood especially when listening to ASMRtists. For anyone that may have anxiety or depression or even just have some bad days, ASMR is definitely worth a try.

P.S. Don’t forget your headphones!

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