A story must always be told, it’s the only way you can unfold. No truer words can be spoken than the words of your own mind that cannot be broken.

When your a writer, there’s always a story that needs to come out. It may take months or years but eventually you can’t run from the story that’s always in your mind. In my mind I’m always seeing another tale to tell, I can’t help it. Things people say to me in conversation I think could be used as great dialogue in a book. Or when I hear a song I immediately think of a plot or a character to go along with it. Words are never just words and music is never just music when your a writer at heart.

Writing was something I had given up on because I thought it was a path I was meant to follow. Instead I found it to be brutal once I had to follow the structure of a news story and writing became more about how its written, than what’s being said. I felt like I had lost the passion, the enjoyment, the fun. I had lost myself.

But, when your a writer, it somehow seems to find you. That story…you’re story. The one that’s fact or fiction. The one that only exists in your mind or the one that exists from memory. One that comes from imagination or another that comes from the journey. A story must always be told.

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