Checklist to checklist I can only live by the checklist. When did my accomplishments become to get out bed because I can’t keep the mental demons outside of my head. There’s never a tomorrow, there’s not even really a today and when I keep checking off that checklist than I feel better in some way. Because I feel like applying for jobs that I’ll hate is more important than my mental state.

Just keep moving, I’ll tell you that I’m fine, but we both know that’s it a lie, but I’ll repeat to myself until it’s my mantra. Not be happy, you’re beautiful, follow your dreams, just keep checking off that checklist until one day I can stop and I finally follow those dreams. But not today, not tomorrow, not even this week. Please like my photo please like my posts so I can stop this obsession and come out of this depression that I have created for myself to feel defeated, worthless and I’ll keep repeating I’m fine till the day that I die.

But no, there’s has to be another life other than this. Another life than just living in a checklist. I will be happy and I am beautiful, I am going to follow those dreams and maybe shooting for the moon isn’t as crazy as it seems. It’s not crazy to have a passion it’s not crazy to step out of my comfort zone, it’s okay to be more than just another person glued to a phone. So no more checklist no more filling my day with meaningless tasks that don’t bring joy or happiness that take me further from my dreams.

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