Is it Spring Yet?

Just an almost spring ramble…

So is anyone else like me…barely hanging on in this weather? Today I am looking out the window seeing snow, wind, and grey…again. Cue the sad music and seasonal depression.

It becomes difficult the closer I think we get to spring to stay motivated and positive. Because I think we get a little bit of warmth and sun and we see a ray(pun intended) of hope that summer is coming. Then we get days like this that seem to rip the light away from the end of the tunnel(again pun intended.)

Now if you struggle with depression on top of seasonal depression January, February, and March can be rough. So I’m hoping to inspire or just hope people can relate to trying to almost distract themselves from the cold. Therefore I am trying my best to find simple things that make me happy. Maybe a little shopping, try a new makeup look, or try a new recipe.

I’m hoping to try to make a dinner I’ve never made before tonight…drum roll please…stuffed peppers. Not incredibly complicated but new all the same. I suggest we all get our cute, comfy sweaters, put on a rom-com and break out the spatulas. I’ll let you know how it goes 🌹😊

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