Myers-Briggs Type or Love

Can an INTJ and an INFJ fall in love? Granted this pair is not the first recommendation for their Myers-Briggs Type but can they have too many similarities? Can having too much in common be a downfall? As an INFJ I am dating an INTJ and believe me what they say is true about them having very little feeling almost like a villain or a Shelock type. It can be infuriating. Basicallym can Elizabeth Bennet and Doctor House fall in love and more importantly get along?

Love is funny. When you meet someone and look into their eyes you don’t think are they and INFJ, ENFJ, INTJ or an LMNOP. You just fall. You want to know their soul, what they want, what they dream of and hope for. So at the end of all things, when you’ve build that version of your perfect life together, gone through hell and back for each other, willing to do anything for that other person. I don’t think I care whether I’m dating Sherlock, Kermit the frog, or The Great Gatsby, love is love.

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