To The Girl That Hates Herself…

Dear You,

To the beautiful creature reading this post in hopes of finding the answers to her happiness, you have come to the right place.

In a world full of unobtainable standards and a head full of dreams that are far too often pushed to the back burner, it can be difficult to see your importance. And, that your dreams and self worth are so much bigger than you could ever fathom. I don’t know why you hate yourself today, this week, this year but I do know that you don’t deserve to be angry with yourself. Maybe you hate yourself because of a mistake, because things feel empty, because your heartbroken over life itself.

Whatever the reason may be, know that there’s always a reason to smile. Even if you don’t want to. Even if it hurts. There’s always a reason to fight back and show self-hatred who’s boss. And, that even though it may hurt like hell right now, maybe it’s hurt for a long time, it won’t always.

You are so much more than any self hatred, depression or any mental illness could ever be. You are the one that holds the power. Anxiety and depression are words given to these hateful, destructive mindsets that you have made yourself believe are true.

There is a reason they are called illnesses and can be treated and be healed because they are not natural. These are just empty voices you have created because you can’t see who you really are. You don’t have to waste any more time planning on how to make yourself happy. You are wonderful, you are brilliant, you can shine brighter then any mental illness and self hatred ever could. You have the power to be happy in this moment. 💜

All my love,


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