I used to dance on my porch late at night. When no one was home and I danced by only the glow of the street light.

Against the forest covered in moonlight, there was no one home and never once did I feel alone.

Only freedom, knowing I was not a dancer, dancing under a blanket of stars and firefly lights.

I burned brightly as one of them, feeling the warmth of the summer heat shielding me from the cold winter.

You don’t know this. I never told you. That I was a dancer in that not so dark night.

I was the one burning brightly when no one was around. I was the one that shining against the forest of the night.

Not the fireflies, the moon and stars, or the porch light. Just me. Lighting up my own backyard alone and free. I have never once been alone because I had me, I was my own partner, my own company.

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