What if it only took one small decision or a few small changes a day to change everything. What if having the same black coffee in the morning, you had tea with your favorite creamer and honey. What if instead of another rushed morning, you took 10 minutes to sip that cup of tea outside on the patio. What if you tried the scenic route, said yes more often, tried a new hobby, went out for drinks more often, said yes to the things you never thought you would even if it’s getting up 20 minutes sooner, or going for a bike ride or a hike this weekend. Maybe these are things that can completely change your world.

Sometimes we can get set in our ways and in our mindsets that we can forget to try new things because to be honest I personally think “Well, why bother?” Today I decided to hike but the park turned me away because of overcapacity. I had gone shopping a few days ago and didn’t buy a single thing, I keep having the silliest things happen like cutting my finger while cleaning or running my shoulder into the wall. Yea…that kind of week. You keep trying to make things better but it feels like the universe is working against you. Until you reach a point where your out of soy sauce and your entire world comes crashing down because it feels like the last straw.

Nothing is going right and you mentally and emotionally feel yourself giving up. Why am I here? What’s the point? I feel hopeless. Yeah, it wasn’t a great week. The problem here is that I am still here. And sometimes when nothing is going right there is something to be said about going left. A bad week doesn’t mean the end of me and I still want to keep trying to make those little changes that might scare me in hopes of having a better life and beating down depression. Maybe it’s time for a little reinventing (cue the drill and duct tape) of my self.

Maybe sometimes we need little changes and big changes. Because when you keep trying to make changes and there not making you happy, then maybe their just not the right ones. So we’ll all keep pushing and buying the red shirt instead of the dark blue or grey one and we’ll try on the red heels that we never would look twice at. Change is good so don’t stop trying to. 💜

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