Depression Days

It’s days like this that seem the hardest. You wake up feeling numb and empty and for the longest while you start to think. This is all there ever is. I think of all the things I could be, that could’ve been but never are. Slowly sinking into myself, it’s just over now, there’s nothing left. Then why I am I still here? I’m still breathing my heart is beating. I have no courage left on either side I can’t go yet but I still run and hide. There’s still me inside this hole I want to live not just exist. Someone please pull me out I scream but there is no one but my own name. Each day I must save myself inside this prison. But the sadness inside me locks me away sometimes. I’m scared still I feel like screaming but I feel tired and hopeless. There’s still light within me, otherwise why am I here? I peel myself from the bed and put on a happy song. I am my own hero on these days. I wait for the days where I don’t feel chained. One day soon I’ll break these bonds each day I rise and I feel useless. I still wake up and go forward. The day is coming where I won’t feel chained, bound or restless but right now I’ll go make myself some breakfast.


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