Paranormal Book Intro

In the moonlight, I am just a shadow
It is where I find my peace and solitude
In the moonlight is where I shall find my love Or be forever filled with sorrow

Violet has been a werewolf for three years now, but she has yet to find her mate. It was during her first shift she saw the most beautiful man who comforted her in her time of confusion and pain. Since then, she hasn’t seen him and she has been left to deal with twists and turns of being a teenage werewolf on her own. But tonight, everything will change. The moon is full and the weight of the shift is pulling her into the forest. Will she ever find the beautiful man she had once seen or will she be left to the night? Dangers are always lurking in the shadows of the forest but she cannot resist the calling. Tonight Violet’s life will change forever when she is left at the mercy of the monsters that lurk in the night.

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