Take Time To Feel It

Take the day to wallow in it. Take time for yourself to just be absolutely miserable. Cry. Cry in the shower. Cry in your car. Just let it go. Let the pain takeover for this set amount of time. Eat unwell, cry too much, be alone, do all the things you refuse to do because your trying to seem okay. Sometimes it’s good to just be in pain and let all of the past hardships just takeover so you can feel. Not let it win. Just feel it. Just stop ignoring the amount of pain you’re in.

Then get up. Get up and change everything. That night get a good, long sleep and the next day feel yourself conquer the past, the fear, the anger, and the pain. Do something that will shock the world. Shock yourself. Make yourself someone no one ever thought possible. Change your outcome. I have felt the last 25 years of anger, bullying, pressure, depression, and anxiety completely consume me this week. It’s because I let it. You can’t ignore pain, physical or emotional. It’s best to recognize it, feel it, then heal it. Then go back out there and do the incredible. Do something that makes you laugh, makes you good scared. Be red, be bold, be you, be amazing. Just let it go.

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