Love You, Fellow Bloggers

When I’m writing I somehow feel somehow less alone because I know that there’s other people out there like me. Writing dialogue in their head, creating story characters, plots, and whodunnits.

When I make a post and I see the likes and views come flooding in I somehow feel, well…home. Writing gives me a connection to people that speaking never could. It’s like when I’m trying to talk to someone I can’t quite get the words right and I always feel misunderstood.

But, writing is so beautiful to me because I can sense the world saying me too when I write a blog. Sorry to get mushy on you guys but I love knowing that there’s people out there that feel just as alone and misunderstood as I do because I guess it feels like at least we’re alone together.


  1. Same here it is so nice to meet others who feel the same about writing!! It’s very healing for me, and also strengthens my intuition 🙂 and creativity


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