My Ninja Way, Thank You Naruto 🍥

Sharingan Eyes

(Some Spoilers from Naruto Shippūden! Don’t read unless you’re up to episode 170.)

Naruto Uzumaki is the motivation we all need right now. What I love so much about Naruto is that even though he has the Nine Tails sealed inside him, he refuses to use it unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Instead he trains hard, learns the Rasengan, becomes a Sage, develops friendships, and makes people believe in him, plus he can pretty much make anyone good again.

He never gives up and never goes back on his word, that is his Ninja way. You can actually learn quite a lesson from Naruto. I think it’s because he seems so unlikely to fulfill the prophecy, tame the Nine Tails, and become Hokage that it gives hope that even unlikely people with huge character flaws and major obstacles to overcome can still be great.

Yes, there are a few things that make him special, son of The Fourth Hokage and he possesses the Nine Tails. However, he didn’t know he was his son and he tried not using the Nine Tails often. Even still he became a great ninja without using these things. He made friends and became a great ninja. What I also love about Naruto is that he’s not perfect.

He has character flaws, obnoxious at times, can be oblivious and can be incredibly immature. And that he almost took the seal off the Nine Tails, he was crashing and he was of course stopped (btw, I teared up this part) but it just concludes that Naruto isn’t constantly perfect despite being the child of prophecy. It gives you an underdog to route for and gives me faith in myself that even though I have my flaws, I can be a great Ninja too. I am on a journey to find my own Ninja way.

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