Take Care

It has recently dawned on me that I haven’t take a vitamin in about a month, I haven’t really been exercising, and I don’t think I can remember the last piece of fruit I ate unless you count an apple granola bar…and I don’t think anyone would.

Mental health and physical health are so often linked. I used to run three miles or so just to get my anxiety to calm down or rather get myself so exhausted I couldn’t overthink anymore. But lately, my nerves have been going wild. I’m much more irritable, I’m easily worked up and angered, I feel depressed, and overall just unmotivated. I am angry towards the past and things that I cannot control. I’ve realized I’m not taking care. I’m not eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, or giving myself any forgiveness.

I am the type of person that puts way too much pressure on themselves and on others. However, I have never actually noticed this about myself it’s just something I’ve been told. I think it’s because so much was expected of me growing up especially as the older sibling, I just think that everyone acts to that level of perfection.

But believe me, I can’t tell you how much I don’t see perfection when I look at myself. There’s times that I crumble. I remember the past. I remember having to be perfect. But, I don’t want perfect. I just want me. The best way to be me is to take care of me. Light a candle, read a book, go on a walk, eat healthy, get some exercise, and get rest.

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