Potential Ebook for Anxiety and Depression (Ramble Writing)

A Story Worth A Thousand Illnesses


Laura Szymanski

Perfection. A word that can have different versions of what it looks like to everyone but a word that has the same meaning to us all. We all strive for perfection. In one way or another. We all think we’re content with who we are. But really, are we happy? When was the last time I felt happy? At this point I’m honestly not sure.

You’re wondering why this book starts with perfection, and it’s because it’s how my story begins. There’s so much about me you don’t know and it’s because I obviously haven’t told you.

My story isn’t just my story. This story is for every person that has ever felt that devastation of anxiety, that overwhelming guilt to be flawless, the feeling of depression, of knowing you could never hold up to expectations, and it completely consumes you.

We all want to think that we don’t care what other people think, that narcissistic parents won’t matter when were older, and that mental illness isn’t that bad. I thought I understood what anxiety was. I truly did. Worry. Over worrying. Thinking too much. Unable to relax. But then it goes away, once that anxiety causing thing is gone. It goes away. It goes away…It goes away…right?

Like I said. This is my story. But I can’t imagine the thousands of voices that feel that sting of “I’ve felt that way too,” in this book. It’s the story of not just some millennial. Not just someone else with anxiety. Not even someone else telling another sob story. It’s how we all feel. Pushed too far for too long with no end in sight. And what are we supposed to think? That’s life? Life just sucks then you die?

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