My Mental Health and Me

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I have really been doing my best with taking care of myself. Eating better, like actual fruit and vegetables, getting exercise, and trying to work on my sleep schedule. I’m about three days into turning over this new leaf and it feels good to be sore and a little tired.

I know that they say taking good care of yourself can help your mental health and to be honest I didn’t really want to. Everything seems like a such a waste of time. Why eat good, why sleep good, why exercise? Who’s going to care. But, honestly it does help. I’m hoping that if I stick to my self improvement my anxiety, depression, confidence will all improve.

There were a few bumps along my weekend. But overall, good. I didn’t realize how many granola bars I ate until I started this. So even small switches like having a piece of fruit instead has actually been nice. My skin even seems like it’s clearing up, my IBS isn’t as bad, and I find that I’m starting to feel a bit more positive. So I guess actually taking care of yourself can help with mental health too, who knew right?

Anyway have a great Sunday! 🌹🌹

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