A Love For A Dog Never Dies

Dog love means not being able to stand up or move for a while because you don’t want to wake them 💜

Hello Everyone!


This is Cooper. And, this is a picture of my Mom holding him to calm him at his probably first time at a vet. Every time I visit home, I sit down on a chair and he jumps up into my lap and eventually falls asleep. He is about three years old and after my German Shepherd, Sam passed away last October, we adopted this little guy from the ASPCA a little while after. Let me tell you, it is possible to love another pet after another’s passing.

Sam was my childhood dog that was in my life for 10 years. He watched me leave for college, he comforted me through my anxiety, and he was a constant protector (almost too much). Sam will always have a special place in my heart. But, I think there will always be more room for something new.

Cooper obviously, had some pretty big paws to fill, but I love him just as much as I loved Sam. Cooper has been around with us for almost a year and he was clearly abused by someone in his past. It makes me feel a little better knowing that even though I lost Sam, I get to love and protect something all over again.

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