Crap, I Ate Pizza. Now, I Hate Myself

So last week went incredibly well. Lots of fruit, somewhat restrictive as far as not really eating many carbs. However, I had a cheat meal (few slices of pizza, chips, too much wine, you know the drill) over the weekend and I’m struggling to get back on the wagon. I had a sluggish workout last night and didn’t have much energy for it today and I’m also eating too many carbs.

This has been a trend for me every time I try to be healthy/lose weight. I do very well for about a week then the weekend hits, I binge a little then I have trouble getting back on the ball. Then, I also beat myself up mentally for eating too much or not working out enough. So, basically I’m going to try to get back on being healthy tomorrow. Just keep moving it’s okay not to be perfect. Being healthy physically is just as important for self care. I just need to keep taking care of myself. So, face mask, fruit smoothie, and a good nights sleep and let’s do this!

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