Potential Horror/Funny/Supernatural/Mystery Book

Chapter 5
Party Crashers

We both turned when we heard the screaming coming just two houses over from where we were. “A ghost! Someone help! There’s something in that house!” Caleb and I looked at each other and smiled. “Welp,” Caleb exhaled popping his lips on the P.

“We’re not going to get a clearer sign than that.” We gave each other a let’s do this look and began hightailing it over to the house of screams.

We ran up the front door and Caleb knocked loudly. Lacy answered the door in her cat costume, all black strapless top with a mini skirt and black heels and of course cat ears and some fake whiskers. As if this was the costume, a bitchy cat was all she ever was.

“What do you want?” she stared at me with impatience. Lacy stared at me with squinted eyes and the oh so powerful “I’m better than you scowl.” Fuck I hated high school. It had been almost four years and I still felt like their bitch. “Well Hello, Lacy, no costume this year?” Caleb smirked. I smiled internally. Damn, I guess being some sort of ghost hunter, dimension sealer, thing was kind of making him a badass. She just stared at him with a shocked expression and looked as though she were going to actually hiss at us. Even still she had a look of panic burning in her eyes.

“Is everything okay? We just saw a few kids running away and screaming there was a ghost here,” I asked.

“Ugh! I don’t know,” she cried throwing her hands in the air. “I didn’t see it but a few people were in the kitchen then they just started freaking out, James left nearly shrieking.”

“Is there something in there?” Caleb asked raising his brow.

“I don’t know the lights flickered, everyone ran then you guys knocked on the door.”

“Would you mind if we took a look?” Caleb inquired.

“Whatever,” She rolled her eyes and walked back into towards the kitchen. “Is it me or are we nailing this?” he leaned in against me as we followed her.

As she turned the corner I watched as her eyes go big and her entire body stiffen. I kept my eyes on hers as I turned the corner feeling like I was moving in slow motion. And just like that all three of us stood staring at her kitchen wall. Jaws dropped. Eyes wide.

Written on the wall in what I can only assume was some type of thick, darkened blood were the words. “We are here”

Caleb leaned around Lacy and with his still widened eyes and paled expression he uttered the words we were both thinking.

“We’re going to need more salt. A lot more salt.”

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