Rewards, Goals, Checklists, and Schedules…Oh My!

Dear Fellow Goal Setters,

I live my life where I deprive myself of good things like good food, cute shoes, or a cute top because I constantly feel like I need to earn it. Therefore, I don’t deserve it unless I’ve done these stressful tasks. Lost weight, worked on my blog enough, or just got enough random stressful tasks done.

Realistically, this isn’t overall a negative way to think. Do something you don’t want to do but should to earn something you want that will make you happy. However, for someone that strives for perfection and with generalized anxiety disorder, and just feeling guilty, this moment of buying that thing I want never comes.

When I lose three pounds I’ll get the shoes, I’ve lost five and still haven’t bought them, at 30 followers I’ll get myself a Bath and Body works candle, I have 50 and no candle. I begin to deprive myself of the good and only see that it’s not enough and that I don’t deserve the prize.

My life is balanced between goals and rewards and the work I have to do to earn them. But, I just keep thinking “No, when I’m even better then the goal, I’ll get the reward” this can be unhealthy. When did we stop having fun? When did we only see the checklist and never just relax because we want to?

Maybe we all need a day to buy the shoes, relax for no reason then because it will make us happy, or just go for a long run because it will give us clarity not because it will make us skinny. Take a minute today to do something that makes you smile and don’t feel guilty not because you had to earn it, but because you deserve it for just making it this far. Smile because it’s cliche but we are actually worth it. Now let’s go buy that candle.

With love always,

Laura 💜💜🌹

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