New Games I’m Excited For!


So I’m actually very excited that some of my favorite games are getting sequels! Ahh! So excited!

My first game I’m incredibly excited about is Life is Strange 2. From what I’m reading we won’t be following Max and Chloe but two brothers names Daniel and Sean. I really liked Life is Strange. I thought it was beautiful to just watch and I really found myself loving the soundtrack. I even wanted to get myself an instant camera and hang the pictures on my wall. I know nerd…Anyway the first installment comes out September 27th just in time for Fall and just creepy stuff. So I will definitely be playing it.

Second, I am so excited that they are making a Wolf Among Us 2. I absolutely loved the first game. I’m pretty sure I completed it in about three days. I loved the Modern Fairytale twist background to it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come out till 2019 but still, very excited!

Third, Until Dawn has announced their making The Dark Pictures Anthology Game installments and the first will be Man of Medan. Hopefully, I’m explaining that correctly. Anyway, they are planning to release Man of Medan in 2019 which looks terrifying. I’m so excited! I loved playing Until Dawn, I did not do great with keeping everyone alive but I still really enjoyed it.

So there we go! I’m also waiting for an announcement for L.A. Noire two but, this is pretty exciting. I love having a fun game to curl up and play during the colder months. I also think it helps with mental health considering I’m so focused on the game it’s hard to worry about much else. I have also played a demo for Unravel Two and I loved it. I thought it was fun and adorable, definitely something to try with a friend. Anyway, these are games I’m looking forward to, have a great week!💜

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