A simple compliment can make all the difference to someone.

Over the past few, let’s face it, years, I’ve grown to hate my body, my hair, my lack of fashion sense. And, because of this constant nitpicking at myself it has made me feel absolutely depressed and lacking any self-confidence.

I went to the eye doctor today where two nurses at different times complimented my outfit and my overall appearance saying I could be a model. To be completely honest, I thought my hair color is horrible, it’s dry, I didn’t think my outfit was cute at all, I literally got ready this morning thinking “just do enough to look put together but with bare minimum.”

Now before anyone gets the wrong idea that I’m bragging let me just tell you this.

I went on a run last night and cried during it because I hated my body so much. I’m not toned enough in the right places, I hate all these random physical things about me, I am completed insecure in the bedroom where sometimes I have to drink a little to work up the nerve.

I have struggled with eating disorders because I would get mad at myself for being hungry and I would cut calories anywhere possible. I have fought the urge to make myself get sick after eating, diet teas, laxatives, weighing myself multiple times a day.

Believe me, I’m not bragging. Sometimes we get so caught up in striving for the goal to be perfect that we forget to just breathe and be happy. To believe we’re beautiful as we are, right now. So if you haven’t heard it in a while, let me just say you look amazing today and I bet you are really fun to be around. You probably, like me, just don’t know it.

Have an awesome day!

P.S. The picture of me was taken shortly after being called pretty and model looking. I just thought you should know how far that one compliment went to making me feel happy and confident again at least for today.


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