Day Two Training For 5K(Question for Fellow Runners!)

So technically this is day two of training for my first 5K in about 10 years. I have run three miles since then but only a handful of times and only within the last two months. I was also not training, just being healthy and trying to prove I still got it.

So, anyway, yesterday I ran 1.64 miles today I ran 2.38 miles. So we’re getting there. I would also love to know if there’s any other runners out there, question for you! I have a Fitbit that I run with but I’ve also been using MapMyRun app. They give me different distances only by about .4 miles or so but just wondering which do you find is more accurate? The Fitbit or the MapMyRun App? Thanks!

So I’ve felt slow these past two times. I usually run about 10:40 minutes a mile but lately it’s been pushing to 11 minutes but I will say I definitely need to start drinking more water and eating more fruit. I’m terrible at eating fruit. I think the sun also decided to finally come out which would usually be nice after this rainy week but maybe not right when I’m running. I felt like trying to run through mud.

However, I will say I was ready to stop and get frustrated that I wasn’t doing better but I kept at it and ran into two miles. I will say I’ve only been actually training for two days but I feel a little better. It feels good to have something to work on. I also think this run is perfect! It’s about 5 minutes away and it benefits awareness for Mental Health. It was meant to be I guess.

Anyway I will keep you guys up to date the run is on September 30th so I’ve got about two and a half weeks to keep working. My goals at this point are to not have too many panic attacks before that, finish the event, and hopefully finish under 35 minutes. Oh! And enjoy the bbq afterwards.

Have a great day everyone! 🏃🏼‍♀️

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