Dog Update


Hi Everyone!

I was able to get in touch with someone at the organization and was told the situation would be handled. I don’t often call people or make complaints but I felt that someone needed to be informed not only for a little bit of my own satisfaction but some justice for the dogs that could have been a adopted yesterday and weren’t.

Sometimes you never know what can be a blessing in disguise. Of all of the organizations that did show up yesterday, I got the one that didn’t. Maybe its because I have a passion for animals and this was something I wanted to do for myself. To help overcome social anxiety and to build my own confidence. But, instead I think I got to bring some justice to the right place.

Sometimes things just seem to look unlucky or unfortunate. But, upset the right person with the right amount of passion and something actually very wonderful can happen. I hope these dogs find good homes and that the people that did not take responsibility to show up learn something from this. I just hope now that the situation actually gets handled and that these dogs will have better opportunities to be adopted to loving homes.


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