I’m Happiest When…

I’m happiest when I’m writing. It gives me this chance to put all of my racing thoughts into a post. It helps my mind become clear and it gives me somewhere to put my anxiety. I think the words in my mind are better than the ones I say are just louder and have more depth.

When I write everything else falls away. I am only thinking about the next sentence, my next thought, the next paragraph. In person I am anxious, timid, and quiet. But, in my mind, there’s so much happening. Blogging is one of the best decisions I ever made. I had thought about it for some time but I never thought I’d be brave enough to put my words and thoughts out there. And, getting 100 follows means more than you could possibly know.

I had given up writing after college because I hated my journalism major and I hated how writing seemed like all I ever wanted to do but no one was giving me that chance. I love writing. This blog is one of very few things that I have stuck with because it gives me a voice and a place to put my anxious thoughts. I would trying love somehow blogging and writing turn into my career. You know the whole quote about if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I found a way for me to find me again. I might have anxiety but at least I found other people that struggle with anxiety and how they cope.

Thank you for being such great people and being supportive of a new and anxious blogger. 💜

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