Still Running

So, I’m supposed to be training for this 5K, and I have kinda dropped the ball over this past week. I’m not perfect. And sometimes when anxiety hits, EVERYTHING feels like the biggest task and one of the last things you feel like doing is exercising, especially running. But, here we are, I went.

So even though I feel like I’m about to fall over and lay down or just start crying because I’m not fast enough, or because of how much I want a break, sometimes just doing it no matter how bad it looks is still doing it. Also, I would like to ask where is this “Fall” that’s supposed to happen? Running in 80 degrees is awful. Okay enough venting.

Also, I ran passed an Army Veteran in a wheelchair, who gave me a thumbs up cheered me on to “keep going”. So thought I’d share that nice moment with you.


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