The Other Side Of The Stop Light

Hi Everyone!

So just giving everyone a little up to date info for anyone that’s been interested in this 5K journey I’m on.

I ran 3.08 miles in about 36 or 37 minutes today. A little slow but hey it’s the first time I’ve ran three miles in about three months so I’m still proud for doing it.

How’s this for some social anxiety?

I have a stop light in my run path that I usually stop and turn around at because I have too much social anxiety to hit the walk signal button, stand there and wait for the walk signal to appear. Then I feel watched and anxious as people in their cars stare at me as I run by.

Today was the first day since I’ve been running over the last four months that I finally hit the button, waited for the cross signal, and ran across in front of all the cars. It’s silly to people sometimes the things you can have anxiety about but to me this was a terrifying thing and I wanted to overcome it.

I’d always see people running on the other side of the cross walk on the actual running and walking path and think “I wish I was brave enough to run over there, my run is the same thing all the time.” Today I had myself a victory. I loved it. I felt confident and like a real runner on the other side of the cross walk.

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