Today is Different

I don’t necessarily feel different, but something is different. Today I woke up early and made myself a fruit smoothie, I laid out my outfit, and I am writing a blog. I have decided to do a few things differently. Or let me rephrase. Force my self to do things differently. I have decided to give up dairy and red meat (eat better in general) , to dress better, and stop beating myself up mentally. It’s exhausting being this mean to myself. Eventually depression feels like this bully that you have to just say shut up to. As I sit here watching Fixer Upper passing some time before I get ready for another day. I am realizing that when someone says something mean or when I say something mean to myself I don’t have to listen to it or even think it’s true. I want to be someone that is confident. So here comes another day, another day where someone will say something mean and refuse to beat myself up for it. I’m in currently in a job role where part of my job is listening to complaints. It is exhausting but it’s a job not all I am. I can have weekend plans, I can choose a recipe and get cooking for Valentine’s Day dinner, or just get on the treadmill and have a relaxing jog. A job sometimes is just not all of me. And it shouldn’t take anything from me. Have a good hump day everyone!

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