Fill in the blanks

I was told since I was a young girl, that I would finish high school, go to college, get married, have kids. No one tells you about in between these steps. I have gone through high school and gotten my degree, but now what? Work 9 to 5 or who are we kidding 7 to 7 for the next 40 years, and just somewhere in that time find love and make a family. Somewhere between being a perfect adult for everyone else, I don’t know where my life is supposed to happen. Between being 25 with a dead end job and a not so great apartment, what happens next? Where’s step 3? Step 5? Even step 2.5? Where is the rest of my life? I know it’s out there. Adventure, happiness, freedom. But, now, sit alone in the office, staring out into the snow, I can’t help but wonder…when? I can feel the depression slithering in and taking hold of my entire mentality. I can feel my anxiety pulling at me as I clench my jaw and pick at my fingers. I can feel my entire body and mind begin a war that begins with my body feeling like stone and my thoughts chasing each other. Life can start whenever I decide it’s supposed to start. Then why am I still sitting here?

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