Anxiety Song (Meant to be funny, but came out a little too real.) Happy Wednesday!

Anxiety anxiety

My nails are bitten to the core, My muscles are tense and I’m always sore, constantly worrying, thoughts distorted, frequent nightmares, and I’m always tired

How long have I been holding my breath? Keep getting light headed sitting at my desk. My hands are always clenched and sweaty palms, my whole face hurts cus I’ve been clenching my jaw.

Oh you don’t know how it feels to have

Anxiety Anxiety, having anxiety, the constant fears, the many tears, irrational thoughts and too many beers.

Please wear a bell I’m easily startled, my thoughts are always racing and my feelings bottled. Does anyone know if I can take this tylonel, cus I took an antacid about an hour and a half ago?

Frequent fogginess and vertigo, feeling off balance, for a few hours or so.

Could it be something serious like a brain tumor or am I just dizzy from staring at a computer, guess I’ll keep typing my symptoms into webmd, you know that always helps and relaxes me.

Anxiety anxiety, my hearts always racing, and I want to shout, Someone get me Xanax cus I’m freaking out.

So, Sorry about all the canceled plans, guess another night of being alone again.

Make sure you wash your hands before you touch any part of yourself , a clean load of laundry, any food you eat with your hands,after you touch your phone , anything outside of your home, touch screens, car doors, dogs, cats, door handles, other people, books, newspapers, magazines in doctors offices…..

But, if you only see blonde hair and pretty smile, then I guess I’m hiding it better than I have in a while. My destructive ways, drunk for days, crying in the shower, panicking for hours, eating too Much or never enough, let’s all pretend that it ain’t tough,

living with

Anxiety anxiety , oh can’t you see, I’m a worrying, nail biting, hand washing, face touching, person with Anxiety.

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