Dream Job

My dream job isn’t exactly one specific thing. It’s not a marine biologist, or a doctor, or a teacher. I want my job to be something that combines all of the things I’m good at and love doing and making them my own career. I like to write, cook, sing, and do photography. Boom. Done.

It’s taking these things and then turning them into something that’s the hard part. I have a few ideas in mind. Like I’ve been doing a Keto diet for about 2 weeks now and I’ve been taking photos of all the foods I’ve made so maybe an instagram or vlog about the foods I’ve made and the Keto diet in general. Or starting up Laura’s literary reviews. Basically, after I get done reading a book I do a video about what I thought and do I recommend. I would love to be brave enough and make the time to start vlogging and even talking about my mental health a little too.

Anyway, just a little ramble just to put my thoughts somewhere. Thanks for the read, and stay tuned maybe you’ll see me start up a new YouTube channel. Have a great day!

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