Technology Information Overload

I’m all for keeping up to date with current events, especially now. However, with anxiety and maybe a little boredom, the news and social media can be like going down a rabbit hole. I start worrying about people’s opinions and what their doing, comparing my life and making myself think negatively. So today I’m trying to keep myself at a distance from news and social media. I already struggle to let go of the past and not beat myself up over every little thing and staring at Instagram and Facebook doesn’t really help that. I find myself becoming upset over people that I haven’t spoken to in years. I also find myself a little panicked over coronavirus. It’s definitely been very easy for me to become an agoraphobic. It just seems safe inside my own little space. So, I’m going to work on taking a step back from my phone and focus on the things that make me happy. Writing, cooking, Ive even started a hobby with oil painting. I’m going to work on finding things to look forward to instead of dwelling on the negative. Stay updated, but not overwhelmed.

Have a great day! Check out my recent oil painting!

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