Mrs. Robot

Writing is my life boat. In a world of depression and severe anxiety, working in a job I know I could never be extroverted enough for. Sometimes it feels like drowning. Waking up every day knowing I am not doing something that makes me happy. Writing, it breaks this cycle and gives me the space […]


I wanted to share this fleeting thought with you. I wonder if one person could really change the world. Sometimes the amount of pain, hurt, and destruction that is in the world hurts my soul. Anger and chaos, selfishness and hate, can be so loud in this world and things like love, compassion, happiness can […]


Guilt for being me. Guilt for things that I can’t change. There’s no real me. Just who you expected me to be. Better then them. Better then the popular girls, better then the bullies, better then expectation. Now I’m someone living a life full of expectation, guilt, and pain. I couldn’t make you happy. I […]